Jobs In Breckenridge, Colorado

HR Assistant

The Human Resources Assistant will provide diversified human resources and administrative support within all areas of the Human Resources Department. Primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to, reporting, employee relations, training programs, general benefits administration, administrative duties, new hire orientation, recruiting, special projects and other duties as required.

Office Manager/Finance and Data Entry

The National Repertory Orchestra is seeking a person with strong leadership qualities to manage its Breckenridge office, direct finance and bookkeeping activities, and manage/perform all data entry. The Office Manager is responsible for directing and implementing all NRO finance activities including but not limited to Quickbooks and Donor Perfect data entry, working with CEO on budgeting, projections and daily finance, managing accounts payable, all income (earned and un-earned and in-kind). The Office Manager will work closely with the CEO, Treasurer and Finance committee, preparing reports for finance meetings and board meetings as well as quarterly projections. The Office manager will manage all bank accounts and is responsible for internal communications.

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