This is not your normal job.

We figure we should start with that. At Cupid’s Charity, we believe in being disciplined, principled, strategic, thoughtful, innovative, courageous, buttoned-up, and inspiring. We also believe in the unconventional. Today, we are looking for the leader who can help move this organization to the next level. Just maybe it is you.

We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with a national office in Denver, Colorado. Our purpose…the reason we exist…is to find a cure for the disease neurofibromatosis (also known as NF). NF affects 1 in 3,000 births. It is a terrible disease that causes tumors to grow on or in the body, and encompasses a set of distinct genetic disorders that can take three forms: NF1, NF2, and Schwannomatosis.

This organization started in 2010, when a small group of crazy but well-intentioned do-gooders ran through the streets of Washington, D.C. Their goal was to raise awareness and money for NF research. They did this “run” on Valentine’s Day weekend in the rather frigid nation’s capital and…one other thing: They ran in their underwear. With that, Cupid's Undie Run was born. Seven years later, Cupid’s Charity has raised more than $14.5 million and is the top funder of progressive and promising research coordinated through the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

The 2017 version of Cupid's Undie Run went off in 37 cities nationwide, with over 15,000 participants.

Since the disease is not finished, we are not finished. We are also not satisfied. Going forward we are committed to growing our fundraising efforts and, subsequently, the dollars we can send to the scientists and researchers who are leading the clinical way forward. We are now positioned to take this work to the next level and this is where you come in. We are actively seeking our next Executive Director. Someone who can help us write the next and greatest chapter. 

We’d like to know what you want and what drives you. But first, let us tell you what we are looking for.


You (the next Executive Director of Cupid’s Charity) …

… Are someone who chooses to join us because you feel it. You may or may not know someone who is affected with neurofibromatosis but, either way, you have a desire to see this thing cured.

… Have strong leadership skills and recognize that the best teams complement one another and hold each other accountable. You know how to provide direction and vision and you are also good at getting out of the way.

… You know you are ultimately responsible for budgeting, strategic planning, and fulfilling the mission as set forth by the Board of Directors; and you inspire your team every day in reaching well-defined goals.

… You understand the world of fundraising, peer-to-peer research, and have navigated the politics of major giving.

… You are a clear and effective communicator. We repeat. You are a clear and effective communicator.

… You develop and sustain workplace cultures that are grounded in collective values. These are ours: Lead with Love. Innovate & Co-Create. Attitude is Everything.

… You are adept at generating ideas and, also, you are not afraid to learn. The Cupid’s Charity national staff has fewer than a dozen people. In addition to their dedication and talent, the reason we are able to execute high-quality events throughout the country, concentrated in just one month a year, is our volunteer army. In every Cupid city, volunteer race directors and their teams or “communities,” make magic happen through hard work, perseverance, and creative know-how.

… You are a visionary whose ideas and real-world experience will help inspire what is next for Cupid’s Charity, including diversifying our platforms and expanding our reach.


We have seen other Executive Director job descriptions jammed with so many required competencies, degrees, and experiences that they can only be filled by Superman or Wonder Woman. At Cupid’s Charity, we know that no one person can do everything. So, we’d like to know what you do well and maybe what you do not do as well. We’d like to know your strengths, your previous experiences, and the areas where you want to continue to grow in your professional development.

It will be beneficial if you have a minimum 7-years of experience and proven success leading volunteer-based, non-profit organizations. This is a full-time job. A competitive compensation package will be offered to an outstanding candidate.

This is a tremendous group of committed, caring, and smart people. We hope you will consider becoming one of us.

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