Permanent Jobs

Staff Accountant

What you will be doing:

Perform general accounting functions, account reconciliations and other financial analyses
Processing of accounts payable, credit card payments, expense reports (Concur)
Working with the billing team to assist in customer transactions and revenue reporting using QuickBooks and our billing system (Zuora)
Revenue recognition and deferred revenue reconciliation and reporting
Assist with our annual audit, income tax returns, sales & use tax reporting, budget vs. actual reporting and various other accounting and finance projects
To be successful, you must be very attentive to detail and be able to navigate through accounting (QuickBooks), payroll, billing (Zuora), CRM (Salesforce) systems, as well as from other disparate data sources. Communication skills and working with service providers, customers and other functional departments are critical. This position requires excellent hands on execution and independent project work.

Family Medicine Residency Assistant

Make a difference in family medicine training in Colorado!

The Family Medicine Residency Assistant is responsible for collaborating closely with program leaders and administrative staff to ensure the smooth operation of educational and operational aspects of the Family Medicine Residency Program.

PLC Sourcing Project Manager

The PLC (Product Life Cycle) Sourcing Project Manager (PM) position exists to lead the successful collaboration and integration between engineering, supply base and global commodity teams throughout the PLC process in order to achieve an optimal product solution for Woodward.

Communications Specialist- Office of Behavioral Health

About the Office of Behavioral Health

Located within the Colorado Department of Human Services, the Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) is responsible for policy development, service provision and coordination, program monitoring and evaluation, and administrative oversight for the public behavioral health system. OBH funds, supports and monitors numerous mental health and substance abuse community programs and providers, and reviews and designates the State’s 27-65 providers. OBH also operates the Colorado Mental Health Institutes at Fort Logan and Pueblo. OBH executes the State’s federal responsibilities as the State Mental Health Authority and the State Substance Abuse Authority for the purposes of administering federal mental health and substance abuse block grant funds.

Description of Job
About this Work Unit:

The Strategy, Communications and Policy section is an organizational work unit within the Office of Community Behavioral Health. This work unit exists to coordinate policy-level decisions, promulgate rule, write grants, and promote positive external relationships through communications across Colorado. The section oversees policy development, rule development, communications, grant writing and compliance functions for the Office of Behavioral Health. The section works closely with CDHS legislative liaisons, communications directors, audit division and the State Board of Human Services to ensure coordinated external relationships. This section further works closely with Colorado Departments of Health Care Policy and Financing, Public Health and Environment and Regulatory Agencies on the development of policy and rule, licensing and compliance monitoring.

Job Description:

This position exists to serve as a communications specialist for the Office. It requires knowledge and expertise regarding behavioral health communications. This position supports community program activities, community stakeholders, practitioners, community members and other systems. This position investigates the effects of various prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery messages; collects and generates data/statistics; reviews presentations, curricula, monographs, professional journals, training/instructional materials and audio/visual materials in public and private settings.

Job Duties:

Coordinate communications for the Office of Behavioral Health, working collaboratively with CDHS communications teams and OBH divisions;
Development of a communications strategy to educate the public about the OBH mission, goals, accomplishments, programs and outcomes;
Oversee, develop and edit written materials regarding OBH programs to be published in print, digital and social media spaces; ensuring consistent and compelling messaging that is consistent with the values, mission, vision and direction of the organization;
Create executive summaries, summary tables and graphs and other brief documents that condense complicated and lengthy reports for various lay and specialized audiences;
Develops and implements a comprehensive employee communication strategy that addresses major accomplishments, awards, new hires, safety tips and other information of interest to Office employees;
Coordinates submission of the Governor’s report including identification of potential topic areas, conducting interviews with staff and others to gather details and ensuring clearance of materials prior to submission;
Develops and coordinates a monthly behavioral health newsletter that reaches grantees and contractors covering program and grantee successes, upcoming training opportunities, upcoming funding opportunities and success stories from the field.
Write press releases about behavioral health topics of concern to the public and in reaction to media inquiries;
Implement development, testing, and dissemination of science- and audience-based products, tools, and messages;
Collaborates with federal and state officials in other agencies on inter and intra state communications initiatives;
Implements, and manages grant or project specific communication and marketing programs as dictated by federal block grant or discretionary grants;
Maintains a compendium of research findings in the area of prevention and early intervention of substance use disorders to be used in proposals, requests for proposal, media communications and materials for distribution to the general public;
Develops, implements, and manages web based communication and marketing programs, projects or initiatives for various audiences.
Executes the OBH communications strategy using social media;
Develops and maintains website and social media content;
Ensures that minutes and materials of boards and commissions under OBH authority are updated and accessible;
Develops and maintains email lists of grantees, contractors and other stakeholders;
Maintain any OBH social or web based marketing campaigns

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