Westword newspaper recently featured AH Jobs List to discuss things to consider when applying for a job in Colorado.

What You Need to Know If You’re Applying for a Job in Colorado

By Michael Roberts

FRIDAY, JULY 14, 2017

Denver is one of the best cities in the country for job seekers, and the employment market in the state as a whole for millennials in particular remains red hot in 2017. But that doesn’t mean finding the perfect gig is as easy as announcing you’re available and waiting for a line to form outside your door. Indeed, a local employment expert stresses that understanding Colorado’s unique culture is key to landing a job that’s right for you.
So says Andrew Hudson, the man behind Andrew Hudson’s Jobs List, which typically posts more than 1,000 new jobs every month in a wide range of fields: advertising, aerospace, digital media, health care, nonprofits, public relations and more. Hudson has a realistic view of our city and state, as was made clear in our recent post “Why It’s So Hard to Make a Living in Denver Despite Strong Economy,” and there’s no doubt older workers looking for new opportunities face different challenges than do twenty- or thirty-somethings. Still, he understands the incredible appeal of living and working in the area, as well as the quirkier aspects associated with job seeking here.

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