Andrew Hudson’s Jobs List (AH Jobs List) has migrated to a new jobs board platform that will vastly improve the experience for both job seekers looking for a job and for employers searching for new employees. 

For years, I have studied and researched the trends, the technology and, of course, the things that users want, expect and need in a job board.  For many job seekers, the job search process is simply overwhelming.  My aim with my new platform is to make job seeking manageable and to provide a one-stop website that will help job seekers to feel in control of their job search and their career progress.  I think I have reached a great balance that provides job seekers ease in searching for new jobs, ease in applying for new jobs and access to new job seeking management tools.

Here are some of the features for job seekers.

Everyone needs a career manager and with AH Jobs List Career Tracklet™, you will have an online time-saving career assistant. The AH Jobs List Tracklet lives in a browser’s bookmarks bar and can save job seekers both time and countless headaches

When you fill out your profile in full, the tracklet will give you full and easy online access to all the information on your profile.  You can then use that information to easily auto-populate job applications with just a few clicks and import saved copies of your resume and cover letters.  You can also save any job opportunities you want to consider later to your job manager at the click of a button.  You can also email employers directly with copies of your resume and cover letter.

The Tracklet™ streamlines the job search and application process by:

    Auto-populating job application forms in a single click
    Making it easy to email and retrieve saved resumes and cover letters on the spot
    Tracking and saving job posts found anywhere online

An online resume that helps unlock the full functionality of AH Jobs List Tracklet™, and assists in the job search by:

– Helping job seekers focus on their top skills and relevant experience

– Showcasing work experience through shareable content like web links for portfolios, embedded references, and social media

– Generating a downloadable, machine-readable PDF resume, and a personal URL to share

– You can also store your profile in ‘confidential’ mode which is important for currently employed ‘passive’ job seekers who don’t want to have their identities revealed but still want to be found by employers.

The universal Job Manager helps job seekers save, track and sort opportunities from anywhere online, all from one location! With the Job Manager in your toolkit, you can:

    Update and track application status throughout the job search and your ongoing career
    Receive tips on researching, applying, and interviewing for jobs
    Save notes from research, phone calls, and leave reminders

AH Jobs List will also match jobs to job seekers based on their Profile content, and give them a Suggested Jobs feed on their dashboard
Job seekers can save multiple versions of their resumes and create and save cover letters
Tracking applications sent through email is easy with the AH Jobs List Messages tool

Fresh Jobs Daily! Jobs will appear the minute they are posted: Instead of waiting for jobs to be posted, the minute the job is uploaded by an employer, it will appear instantaneously on Andrew Hudson’s Jobs List. You will also be able to sign up to have jobs that match what you are looking for emailed directly to your inbox. When a job matches your profile, you will get a notice so you can quickly apply.

Search: The improved AH Jobs List will be completely searchable. So if you are looking for a job in a specific industry, career sector or in a certain location in Colorado, you can either enter a search word or term or you’ll have a variety of categories to filter from.

New mobile application: Lastly, the new mobile application will make looking for a job on your mobile device or IPad efficient and easy.

We are excited to launch this new version of AH Jobs List.  It was designed solely with intent of making the jobs search process simple and efficient for both job seekers and job posters and we hope you will find it useful in your job search!

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