One of the greatest job seeking frustrations is sending out resumes/cover letters and then not hearing back from the company you applied to.

An important thing to understand is that company recruiters don’t have a lot of time. They are looking at resumes and communicating with job seekers all day long.  Make their lives easier and increase your chances of getting an interview and a job offer by following these simple rules:

Follow all the application instructions.  If they ask for previous salary information, include it.  If the are seeking a cover letter, make sure you send one with your resume.  If the want writing samples, send them.  If there is a deadline, make sure you meet it.  Recruiters will not track you down for the information you were responsible for.  Your resume will end up in the ‘nonresponsive’ pile.

Proofread EVERYTHING before you send it in.  Embarrassing typos can make a big difference as to whether an employer will call you back.  It shows a lack of detail and seriousness.

Include all of your contact information.  Include your phone number, email and even include your LinkedIN URL so they can easily jump to your profile.  And make sure you are easy to get a hold of.

Customize each cover letter.  Make sure your cover letter is specific to the job you are applying to.  Why is this company and this job a good fit?  What qualities and skills of yours set you apart?  General, cookie-cutter cover letters are easy to spot and indicate a lack of effort on your part.  

Bottom line:  Recruiters WANT to be your advocate.  Its in their best interest to find the best talent for their company.  If you think you are a good match for a job, you probably are, but you only have a few chances to convince a recruiter that you have what it takes.  By following a few simple guidelines, you can get on their radar, land an interview and ultimately get hired.

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