Here’s an interesting article from Business Week discussing a recent survey testing the power of online social networking in looking for a job.  Most interesting is that recruiters, more than ever,  are searching and finding new talent through Twitter/Facebook and LinkedIn.   This has been a developing trend for HR recruiters over the past couple of years. 

According to the survey of HR professionals:

83% will recruit in social networks this year
46% will spend more on social recruiting
80% review social profiles

Online social networking websites provide easy and affordable access to great talent.  Job seekers have also become more sophisticated in terms of marketing and branding themselves using social networking tools. 

Companies are also using these social network sites to post new positions and direct potential employees to their new and improved corporate career websites.

For job seekers, using online social networks for a job search requires constant discipline and dedication to providing regular and engaging updates and a committment to creating a viable ‘job-seeker brand’ that translates at ever social network touchpoint.

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