Answer – You write about ‘my resume’ as in ‘singular’ as in ‘I have one resume.’

Sorry, but every resume needs to be customized to the job you are applying for. We are living in an age of applicant tracking systems (those god-awful computer resume screening programs) but more than that, the competition is just too tough. Your resume needs to make the connection between the relevance of your experience and the SPECIFIC job you are applying for.

In searching for a job, you can never assume your brilliance, your expertise, your accomplishment and your career trajectory is going to make an impact with the HR person who has 90 seconds (maybe) to review your resume.

Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to re-write your entire resume, but you do have to edit each resume so that it identifies and shows your specific accomplishments/experiences and how they matter to the job you are applying.

When interpreting a job posting, you can easily see what are the 4-5 most important qualifications the employers is looking for. You can also easily determine what are the 4-5 most important elements of experience they are looking for and, most importantly what are the most important functions of the actual job itself. Make sure your resume is customized to these things….connect the dots so that anyone who is reading your resume can easily see the relevance of your experience/accomplishments/background/expertise to the job you are applying.

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