Should You Hire a Professional Resume Writer?

I have written, crafted and refreshed hundreds of resumes over the past 25 years.A resume is NOT a simple thing. I would never recommend simply finding a resume format online or using a fancy AI program to write your resume.  Getting your resume to the point of creating that ‘a-ha!’ moment in a future employer’s […]

AH Jobs List: Lessons From an Accidental Entrepreneur

My how time flies! I started this job posting website 20 years ago, but it was 10 years ago this week when I took the biggest professional risk of my life: I quit my job to turn my ‘hobby’ into a full time business. I was 42 years old and was working as the Sr. […]

Want to Serve on a Nonprofit Board?

I have served as a board member/trustee on many nonprofit boards throughout my career.  I currently sit on the Board of Rocky Mountain PBS but have served as a board member of the Colorado Symphony, the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce,  the National Sports Center for the Disabled and many more.  I’ve met amazing people and developed life-long friendships […]

Job Seeker’s Challenge: Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone Through Networking

Let’s state the obvious:  job seeking is tough. But here’s something you won’t hear often from someone who makes his living posting jobs on a job board:  Online job boards give you a false sense of hope.  What I mean is that it is easy to become too reliant on job boards as your only […]

Positivity and Confidence Goes a Long Way in Job Seeking

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong? You wake up in the morning and find out your car battery is dead. It throws the whole rhythm of your day off. After the hassle of having to re-schedule an important meeting to deal with your battery, you then are […]

101 Motivational Quotes to Inspire Your 2017 Job Seeking Journey

I love motiviational quotes and a couple of years ago an author from Inc. Magazine compiled these wonderful quotes from a variety of inspirational sources. As you begin your job-seeking/career journey in 2017, I think you’ll find great wisdom in these inspirational words. “Walk away from anything or anyone who takes away from your joy. […]

Welcome to the New and Improved AH Jobs List!

Welcome to the new and improved Andrew Hudson’s Jobs List! For close to 18 years I’ve been posting jobs from throughout Colorado to help connect job seekers and employers.  With the launch of the new AH Jobs List platform, I’m taking job hunting to a whole new level!  The new and improved AH Jobs List […]

So, you want to be a Colorado cowboy?

The cowboy has been romanticized in movies and books as the rugged individualist.   Rough weather beaten skin, working in unbearable heat or raging blizzards.  Always with his trusty horse and his worn leather saddle. But in 2017, what does it mean to be a cowboy in Colorado?  Is cowboy a job title?  Or is cowboy […]

How to Become a Sommelier in Denver

There’s a lot of people in Colorado who love to drink wine.  As a matter of fact, many wine enthusiasts are turning their passion for wine into a career as a sommelier.   A sommelier, or wine steward, is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional, normally working in fine restaurants, who specializes in all aspects […]

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