Welcome to the new and improved Andrew Hudson’s Jobs List!

For close to 18 years I’ve been posting jobs from throughout Colorado to help connect job seekers and employers.  With the launch of the new AH Jobs List platform, I’m taking job hunting to a whole new level!  The new and improved AH Jobs List will make it easier for job seekers to find a job, easier for employers to find professionals and it will also be a resource for anyone who is managing their career and looking for advice and information about job seeking in general.

I invite you to take a look around.  The new site is completely searchable by keyword, company and location and it is also completely accessible via your mobile device.

For job seekers, I highly recommend signing up for a job seeker profile.  Remember: job seeking is a two-way, full contact sport.  Employers are looking for you and your profile is your key to being found by recruiters on AH Jobs List. 

It only takes a minute and you can either immediately transfer your LinkedIN profile to AH Jobs List or you can create or download  your current resume to your profile. 

In addition, you can now bookmark your job seeking ‘Tracklet’ which will contain your resume and cover letters.  Now, whenever you apply for a job from AH Jobs List or any other job board, all your information will easily accessible from your bookmarks.  

You can immediately begin by signing up with a job seeker account by clicking here, or, you can find out more information by reading about the job seeker profile by clicking here.

For employers, you will now have your own account where you can post jobs, edit jobs and, if you choose, take advantage of our applicant tracking system that will help you keep track of and organize candidates as they apply to your job.  You can also search for professionals who have posted their profiles on AH Jobs List.  To sign up for an employer account, click here

We hope you like the new platform and I’m excited to hear your reactions about what you like and what we can continue to do to improve Andrew Hudson’s Jobs List.

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