Clothing And Textiles Jobs

Graphic Designer

You will need to be a powerhouse designer with serious skills, who can visually pack a punch, and dazzle an audience with your knockout creative thinking and design moves. You’ll have a keen mind for marketing and combine both artistic and technical skill to create stunning campaigns, emails, packaging and collateral. You’ll be zealous in your pursuit of great design, energetic and ambitious, working within a fast paced, deadline driven department. We will seriously crush on you, if you bring along photography and video editing abilities.

Footwear Design Intern

As the Footwear Design Intern you will partner with the design team to learn all aspects of the footwear design process, including assistance with designing/sketching, presentation boards, meeting preparation, and footwear sample management. You will be a part of a dynamic, creative environment where you will collaborate with talented designers as well as partners in the business. This is a perfect opportunity and incredible learning experience to work in a highly innovative environment in the footwear industry.

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