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Finance Officer

The Finance Officer provides bookkeeping, financial, compliance, IT management and personnel services in support of Downtown Partnership and its family of organizations, made up of two nonprofit corporations and two quasi-governmental organizations.

Marijuana Industry Senior Analyst

This position will focus on supporting research and recommendations for the City’s marijuana industry. You will assist the Deputy Chief of Staff developing marijuana regulations, such as land use restrictions, marijuana home plant counts and a host of other issues, as well as developing a long term strategy for the marijuana industry in Colorado Springs.

Assistant Finance Director

In this at-will position, you will oversee the day-to-day tactical responsibilities of the Finance Department. You will direct all areas of accounting; sales tax collections, audits, investigations into delinquent sales tax filings; payroll and pension administration; accounts payable and receivable; and investments. You will also assist with the development of the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report), district and enterprise financial statements, and the single audit. You will develop fiscal policies and short- and long-term financial goals. As a delegate of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer), you will make recommendations on departmental policy development and administration.

Conference Specialist

Provides leadership and coordination for all residential conferences hosted by Colorado College on its main campus and at the Baca Campus

Government Affairs Specialist

Colorado Springs Utilities is looking for a Government Affairs Specialist to support our lobbying efforts and internal legislative communications. In this position, you will support lobbying efforts on key capital projects and initiatives with local, state and federal policy makers and support the department efforts to represent Colorado Springs Utilities with key trade associations.


This position reports to and is evaluated by the Board of Directors. This position exercises direct supervision over the senior leadership team including the CFO, Chief Medical Officer, Vice Presidents, and Program Executive Directors.


To maximize Rocky Mountain Health Care Services mission while sustaining organization’s financial viability by providing strategic and day to day operational leadership for the organization through Board of Directors and the Executive Management Team partnership to establish longrange goals, strategies, plans and policies.

Information Security Manager

Responsible for El Paso County’s information security program to include designing, implementing, and continuously improving security programs, standards, and practices to protect critical information, processes, and IT assets across the enterprise. Develops and recommends information security policies and guidelines in support of information security goals. Provides strategic recommendations to establish roles and responsibilities for information security staffing to maintain a robust and integrated information security foundation.

Recording Studio Technician

Provides day-to-day technical, logistical, and administrative support for the recording, editing, and classroom studios in the Packard building.

Event Planner/Administrative Assistant

To successfully develop, manage, and market high-quality business-to-business programs that will assist current and prospective member organizations expand their business opportunities, in addition to several public oriented annual events in the Tri-Lakes area.

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