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Operations Coordinator (Part time)

Part time Operations Coordinator for Aurora site of a national Non-profit helping students to and through college

Communication Specialist, Mid

Create, design, and write complex publication materials, employee communications, newsletters, bulletins, and informational materials for internal and external audiences. Interview subject matter experts and develop an original approach for each story line. Assist with establishing editorial and departmental standards. Support updates to and development and implementation of the organization’s communications strategy to ensure consistent, relevant, accurate, tailored, and timely communications with internal and external stakeholders.

Financial Counselor

Financial Counselor conducts face-to-face interviews with patients and families to gather, assemble and review information supplied by the applicant for financial assistance.

Central Recreational Coordinator

Develop a customer service approach that wows members and delivers excellence across all workflows and communication.

Win Within – We strive to be the best in all that we are able to control as individuals and as an organization. We look to be recognized locally and nationally for our expertise and efforts to build a forward-thinking and progressive youth soccer organization.
In and Up – We look to develop ourselves and those around us working to raise the overall quality and impact of everyone we work with, inside and outside the organization.
Keep it Simple, Keep it Small – We work to simplify big thoughts and expectations into community and personal executions.
Enjoyment First – We work not only enjoy our work, but help those around us enjoy it as well. Additionally, when we win the hearts of our players, their development will improve.
Moment of Truth – We recognize the importance of every moment and interaction to create something remarkable.
Own It – We own our roles and responsibilities and hold a high standard for the expectations we are held to.

Website Specialist

Nature of Work
This position works collaboratively and strategically to migrate, redesign and reformat the School of Dental Medicine’s current website. Responsible for creating pages and determine page layouts based on content and site goals within the overall framework of the University website platforms. This position will also be responsible for establishing benchmarks and reporting on audience insights/analytics for both the website and social media platforms.

In 2020, with support from the Marketing Team (Director, Communications Manager and Communications Coordinator), this position will lead the school’s efforts to redesign the website and migrate to a new CMS platform (Sitefinity). This will require strong project management skills along with the ability to engage and balance stakeholder input. A strong understanding of best practices for user experience and interface is required.

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