Executive Level Jobs

Executive Budget Officer

The Executive Budget Officer provides an organization-wide focus on sources of revenue and the allocation of resources across all city functions based on community priorities and values. This position reports directly to the Chief Financial Officer. The Executive Budget Officer is responsible for leading the budget staff and will establish expectations that all staff will become efficient advisors and analysts for the City Manager’s Executive Budget Team (EBT). All budget staff members are expected to become subject matter experts regarding the assigned department’s needs, and the conclusions and recommendations must be presented in an unbiased and professional manner. The Executive Budget Officer must constantly be aware of the citywide impact of budget recommendations.

Chief Executive Officer

We are currently seeking an experienced, visionary leader to serve as our Chief Executive Officer. The CEO is responsible for the overall leadership of the organization including partnering with the Board of Directors, fundraising and financial management, advocacy, forging strong community relationships, leading SRC’s highly motivated 275 employees, and strategically leading SRC into the future to serve the aging population.

The SRC CEO is the face of the organization and must build collaborative and resourceful relationships with a variety of constituents in order to provide the best services for seniors. The CEO must be a leader who is able to help others at Seniors’ Resource Center deliver measurable, cost-effective results that make the vision a reality. Importantly, the successful CEO will have the interpersonal skills, sensitivity, and personal confidence to tap into the power that each member of the team brings to this mission. While it is essential that the CEO bring efficient and effective systems to increase the productivity of the organization, it is equally critical that the team retain the values based work ethic that drives the Seniors’ Resource Center mission. The candidate must have a passion and desire to serve the senior population.

VP Marketing

As VP of Marketing, you’ll own and drive our go-to-market strategy and be responsible for increasing the visibility of the company in the IT sector. You’ll also own the task of building a world-class team. You’ll work with a top shelf team to dislodge the monopoly in the space – Microsoft Active Directory. We are out of the box thinkers, so your unique approaches to generating new visibility will be appreciated! In fact, if you think about what we are trying to do, you’ll quickly realize that our competitive advantage must be smarter execution which tests all of our individual and collective skills.

Associate Vice President of Marketing

As the AVP, Marketing, you will shape our marketing strategy and develop marketing policies, programs, and systems to support the strategic direction of our company. Specific responsibilities include hiring and directing the day-to-day activities of our marketing team; campaign oversight; implementing best-in-class lead generation techniques; market research and planning; strategic direction for all promotion, advertising, graphic design, branding, and digital activities; along with tactical and strategic alignment with our sales team.

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