Executive Level Jobs

Executive Director

The Executive Director is a leader dedicated to making a difference in the lives of low-income Coloradans through policy and advocacy while embracing diversity and inclusiveness. Passionate about social equity, the Executive Director serves the Board of Directors and acts as chief executive officer responsible for the overall leadership, management and strategic planning of the organization. Engaged both legislatively and within the community, this position is the face of CCLP and presents its mission and programs in a strong, positive image to all stakeholders. This position oversees all programs, services, and activities and collaborates with and leads a staff of 14 to ensure a productive and inclusive work environment. In addition, the Executive Director is responsible for generating fundraising opportunities through foundations and individual donors and all public relations efforts that seek to raise awareness and support of the organization.


The CEO has the ultimate management responsibility of the organization either directly or through delegated authority. Designs and implements strategic goals and objectives of the organization that have been established in conjunction with the Board of Directors. With the Chair of the Board, enables the Board to fulfill its governance function; and leads staff toward the achievement of the organization’s philosophy, mission, strategy, culture and its annual goals and objectives

Associate Chief, Schools

Provide visionary leadership to management and influence future growth opportunities to achieve long-term performance goals & objectives (5 to 10 years). Responsible for executing the overall business plan and acting as a champion for strategic change across departments and community.

Responsible for enacting the strategies of the Schools Office to achieve the goal of Great Schools in Every Neighborhood. Lead key services and functions provided by the Schools office to support schools in achieving academic and whole child outcomes. Support the Deputy Superintendent of Schools in developing and implementing systems of professional development and accountability. Collaborate with district departments to align strategies and supports to the needs of schools and students.

Vice President, Human Resources

The Vice President of Human Resources is responsible for helping leadership align organizational and people capabilities with the business strategy and needs; optimizing the employee experience; building a renowned employer brand; and driving an organizational climate that attracts, develops and retains top talent across all global locations. The successful VP of HR has strong business acumen, has led through high growth, is innovative and strategically minded while supporting the execution of daily operational tactics. Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the VP of HR will develop and foster a world-class HR organization that is respected and recognized for exceptional leadership, effectiveness, and integrity.

Vice President, Marketing

We are looking for an experienced Vice President or Director of Marketing to direct and oversee our Marketing department. You will design, implement and monitor effective marketing strategies that align with our business goals.

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