Executive Level Jobs

Chief Defense Development Officer

The Chief Defense Development Officer (Chief) manages the military relations and community outreach, and supports economic development and government affairs activities, as they relate to the defense sector. In the Chamber & EDC context, the defense sector comprises public sector bases and missions, private sector companies and organizations, and the organizations that support them. The Chief shares responsibility for cultivating, recruiting and maintaining relationships with members and investors, with primary focus on military installations and defense companies in the Pikes Peak Region.
The Chief works with the Chief Economic Development Officer on local, state and national levels to enhance and strengthen the defense industry in our region and regularly interacts with military leaders, electeds, and industry leaders. The position supports other programs within the organization, including the Military Affairs Council. The Chief is responsible for managing staff, budgets and resources in the Defense division.

Executive Director – PART TIME

Media in the Public Interest has a successful 13-year track record developing innovative, independent and ethnic media projects and coordinating communications trainings for advocate non-profits. MPI is seeking a part-time Executive Director to take the organization to the next level. This is a unique opportunity to utilize entrepreneurial and managerial skills in service of the public interest, and work into a full-time position, if desired. The successful candidate will work independently under the direction of a supportive board with a shared passion for social justice, innovation and demonstrated results.

VP of Consumer Engagement

The VP of Consumer Engagement role will oversee all aspects of consumer engagement activities driven from the NextHealth platform. This includes not only oversight of the design of campaigns focused on member behavior change, but also ensuring that engagement techniques leverage the best practices in consumer marketing. We are seeking an individual that’s passionate about behavioral economics and consumer analytics.

General Manager

The Colorado River District, based in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, is seeking candidates for the General Manager position. The General Manager serves as the chief executive and management official.

Chief Programs Officer

Water For People (WFP) is a global nonprofit working across nine countries, bringing together
communities, local entrepreneurs, and governments to build and maintain water and sanitation services
that will last. We have a sustainable solution to end the global water and sanitation crisis, and our
employees across the world help drive this solution.

Water For People is currently recruiting for the position of Chief Programs Officer.

The Chief Programs Officer (CPO) provides leadership and coordination in the planning, delivery, and
quality of all our global and related water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector development activities.
All Regional Directors and the Director of Program Quality report to the Chief Programs Officer.
The CPO is responsible for leading the overall planning, organizing, staffing, implementing and
controlling global program activities including monitoring and evaluation of Water For People’s
operations. The CPO is also expected to implement the strategic objectives in all the countries in which
we operate outside the United States.

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is responsible leading the team and overseeing operations at The Center for Work Ethic Development. The role includes management of exempt, non-exempt, and contract employees, as well as ensuring the excellence of all curriculum and certification programs. Accountable for developing the processes and systems for scaling and growing the organization. Provides direction and support for business development, though there is no direct sales or fundraising expectation.

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